Carnel Davis & ITP reminds us of the ’90s


Houston choir, Carnel Davis and Incorporated to Praise performed a medley at their annual Throwback concert that showcases the era of gospel that was awesome for church choirs, the 90s. Remember Hezekiah Walker and the impact his choirs had on “every Sunday” gospel music? You could hear his music as the opening song at almost any annual youth day during that time. Directors still love his music because it is something the choir can learn easily when there isn’t time to rehearse because the pastor has you singing at alot of events, eventhough you have to sing every Sunday and there is no praise team. Rememeber those days? No praise team.

Well, enjoy Carnel Davis & ITP as they perform this medley of Hezekiah Walker hits, ”Let the Redeemed” and “Jesus is My Help.”