Daughters of COGIC legend Dr. Bettye Nelson, “N3,” debuts (listen to song)

The Nelson family is known for their talents, Brian Nelson is a vocalist and pastor that’s been featured on TBN and at conventions across the country, Dr. Bettye Nelson has released classic music with COGIC for decades and Alvaneeta Nelson, was recently featured on Pastor Gregg Patrick’s “Bridge Project” on Tyscot Records.

Now, N3, Alvaneeta Nelson, Marquise Nelson and Mia Nelson-Tatum, is set to make a name a name for themselves in the gospel industry as a collective group with their single “I Delight.” It was released at a concert in Houston, TX in 2010. Their full project is titles, “Treasures.”

We also plan a full interview with the sisters in 2011.

Check out one of the songs from the project below. Production is by Chad Stevenson.