Drew Shaw holds a praise & worship-filled recording

Many times when going to concert recordings there is a sense of anticipation in the air, it was even more at Drew Shaw’s 2nd live recording. The room was filled with smoke and lighting, with the house lights dimmed for a concert-like ambiance in the main sanctuary of First Metropolitan Church in Houston, TX

As the crowd began filling in, the concert began with a “house rules” monologue from “Sister Cantaloupe.” She dared the concert-goers to not record using their Iphones and for Youtubers to “take a break,” because the event is being professionally recorded. Her personality throughout the event finally caught on by the end of the event but was very “in your face” for some attendees. You could hear gasps around the room as she playfully but sternly told the crowd “I don’t like ya’ll.” Her performance was hilarious.

The emcee from Praise 92.1 immediately went into an exhortation as the musicians began to back her up, roaring the organ and guitar. The music built and the atmosphere was set for a worship experience.

There was a guest set with Patrick D. Williams and IUP. The choir did a medley and also old hit “God Put a Rainbow in the Sky.” The selections from the choir featured very “phat” sounding vocals and controlled vibrato that had the crowd to their feet by the end of their 2nd selection.

Everyone was ready for the recording to begin by that time. Andrew Shaw & End Time Worshippers recorded another event in 2009, but this time his group was composed of mainly First Metropolitan Church members and vocalists from around the Houston area.

The set was interrupted by “Sister Cantaloupe,” asking the lights to be turned on. The ambiance was concert-like, but she made sure the video would be of good quality and asked for them to be cut on completely. It was an awesome act, being that even with professional video and sound people, there are many mistakes that are discovered post-recording (especially in the gospel industry), but no one takes initiative to say anything. Thumbs up to “Sister Cantaloupe.”

Drew Shaw and Friends entered the worship celebration and featured amazing vocals from the lead singers. The choir was highly energetic and in high spirits throughout the entire set. A standout song from the first half was, “Sure Do Need Him Now.”

After the first set, the audience was very impressed with the lead vocalists riffs, runs and range. Shaw chose a very talented and gifted group of lead singers for the recording. They provided no dull moments and the music was very catchy and radio friendly.

Intermission began with vocalist, Liz Vaughn singing Kirk Franklin’s “My Life is in Your Hands,” Jackie Smithl & YDM also sang.

There was a shifting that took place somewhere during the event, where it went from concert worship to a praise service.

Pastor John Ogletree led a monologue that was reminiscent of Bishop Larry Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit’s “I Still Believe” in the telling of the Bible story of Job. It was lengthier and just as effective, if not more than Bishop Trotter’s. His heartfelt presentation led the crowd into receiving the song featuring Zacardi Cortez (James Fortune & Fiya) and Martha Buries (Sunday Best).

As the song “Rock Bottom” began, it led the crowd into worship as praise dancers detailed the story, the lyrics further built the story and had Zacardi and Buries hitting notes that had the crowd on their feet and led immediately into a praise break. You could feel the intensity and connection the song made with the attendees and the shifting in the atmosphere. Chad Stevenson’s song helped move the worship along, as he did an impromptu transition from the soloist platform to the organ and asked Shaw to sing.

By the end of the set, the crowd went into an unexpected chair moving, praise frenzy and hopefully it was all caught on video and audio. A highlight of the night was when the band went into a musical praise break session that lasted long enough for shoes to come off and be put back on. The concert was overall above average for quality of material and vocalists. We look forward to its release and hearing the completed product.