Concert Rundown | Vanessa Bell, J. Holliday & Beverly Crawford in Houston!

The Good Friday Concert featuring Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Jennifer Holiday and Beverly Crawford was held at Gethesame Baptist Church in the Pleasantville area of Houston, TX on…Good Friday. Every artist did a good job, along with Praise 92.1’s Nzinga, making sure the event flowed smoothly. Following Gethesame’s choir, Created for Purpose performed, which led into a praise break that I was unintentionally a part of. I looked up and there on the large screens was me. Hair everywhere. I hate when that happens. It’s the hair. It makes my shout look worse than it really is, so the camera goes straight to me and makes the praise break look better than it really is.  lol

I even saw Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee doing a praise jig.

A number of technical mishaps occured during the sets of Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Jennifer Holliday that didn’t hinder their performance much but allowed the live band to carry on with the music. It’s a must to have tracks as a touring artist but I believe performers know that audiences prefer a live band over tracks anyway. So, it actually added character and great improvisational moments to their performances that wouldn’t have happened had the tracks not committed suicide.

Rundown of performances:

Vanessa Bell’s “Prayer Still Works” and “Peace Be Still” were performed the best I’ve seen since attending her concerts the past few years. She was noticibly sleepy though. lol

Jennifer Holliday gave a Broadway-like performance with her classic “Heeeeeey” (I’m Telling You Im Not Going-ish) at the end of “This Day” that had the audience to their feet. She also performed “His Eye is on the Sparrow.”

Beverly Crawford was very energetic despite learning of her brother in law’s death the same day. Standouts were “It’s About Time for a Miracle” and “For Who You Are (You Are Saviour You Are Lord).”

There was a VIP reception offered but the night was full of entertainment, for free (eventhough there was a freewill offering). If you missed this one, don’t miss the next one. Continue to support local gospel promoters (Michael Burns & Larry Smith) so they can continue to bring good, organized events to the city.

Some videos from the event are below, posted by WilbGr8.

  B. McCoy


Photo credit: Antoine Powell


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