Matthew Knowles discusses split from Beyonce & new focus on gospel music

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Music World chief Matthew Knowles sat down with “Black Enterprise Magazine” to discuss his recent managerial split from daughter Beyonce’. In the interview he discussed how his focus on gospel music was the main cause of them parting ways.

He now has successful gospel artists Brian Courtney Wilson and Juanita Bynum signed to his label and has also been a visiting professor of an entertainment business course at Texas Southern University.

Black Enterprise asked about his current activities now that he is no longer managing R&B superstar Beyonce’.

BE: How has Beyonce’s departure affected Music World’s momentum and relevance?

To give that comparison, I evaluate my email activity, which has gone up 100 emails today. Now I’m really focused and I have activated myself in such a way to embrace new opportunities. I’m so grateful and blessed to have had so many successes. I pinch myself sometimes to think of this country boy who has accomplished so much from my career at Xerox to be the No. 1 sales rep, have talented daughters and a wife, the creation of Destiny’s Child, a No. 1 female artist. And I don’t know if folks know this but of all the artists in the world in a decade, Destiny’s Child and Beyonce are on that Top 10 list. I’ve achieved and accomplished more that I could have ever dream.