Kim Burrell video hits internet with a stir

The new Kim Burrell concept video for “Sweeter” is causing a stir online. The post was uploaded this weekend and within hours hundreds of people had already watched it. Within a few days it reached over 4,000 hits. The video is directed by her manager and album’s executive producer, Krishnar Lewis. It was shot in the exotic location of Manzanillo, Mexico.

The mansion’s decor is reminiscent of those used in many mainstream videos and even has a scene with Burrell on a waking up in bed. It caused some to be caught off guard, as if Christians don’t go to bed and wake up. The imagery stretches the impact and lyrics of the song that are talking about how God’s love is “sweeter,” but for some the video crosses the line between secular and religious. The comments on the video are very “interesting” but looks like most people like the video, judging from the “likes” on Watch it for yourself & comment.

No doubt about it, Kim Burrell is doing a new thing!