The Houston Chronicle does story about Kim Burrell’s church

The Houston Chronicle published a story about Pastor Kim Burrell, not just about the performer Burrell in their Houston Belief section this week.

Craig Hartley For the Chronicle. c. 2011. Gospel singer and preacher Kim Burrell leads services at the Love and Liberty Fellowship Church.

Check it out below:

It didn’t take long for the walls to shake with spirit at Love and Liberty Fellowship Church.

Even before Pastor Kim Burrell took her place behind the carved wooden dais, the 100 or so faithful filling the folding chairs were on their feet shaking tambourines, clapping hands and harmonizing with the choir.

Then the church founder stepped onto the rostrum, grabbed the microphone and stoked her congregation with soul-soothing song:

“In the splendor of Your Majesty, within our spirits sing. In the splendor of Your Majesty, from deep within our spirits sing … Holy, Holy,” intoned Burrell, her coal-dark hair and ebony dress framed by a backdrop of billowing white sheets, her muscular voice winding through the sanctuary.

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