Video review | Soulfruit releases new video, ‘No Grudge’

Soulfruit, a group known for their eccentric performance and musical style, has released a music video for the single, “No Grudge.” The song is not saying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, (insert scripture…)” like your average gospel song,  but still connects with lyrics like “Love still works and love is still alive.”

The video focuses on normal situations that may occur in relationships and friendships. It’s underlying message is that if God doesn’t hold grudges and loves us, why can’t we? It is effective in presenting this message.

The video is very straightforward and doesn’t rely of many special effects. It is also shot in high definition. Director, Jakob Mendieta and writer Cristal Mendieta did a great job.

The only thing that could have been added to the video is a gritty outdoors scene with the group, but given the 100 degree heat in Houston, it wouldn’t have complimented the song’s East Coast feel.

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