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While he sat and wondered why his mother liked being controlled by a man that wasn’t his daddy, he thought it must be true because Uncle Eric would come in scream at grandma steal her money and leave. Grandma would yell back a little but for the most part she allowed Uncle Eric to have his way, besides he only saw PaPa on occasion when he’d bring grandma some fresh greens from his garden, so the  physically abusive pimp Melvin, the verbally abusive Uncle Eric and the inconsistent PaPa delivering greens was the male role models he saw….


 Margaret is married to a man in the church, she first experienced her hurt when she planned a dinner for her and Allen to attend with other church members without his knowledge and he did not want to attend, he went anyway to save face because Margaret had already voiced that she would just go with out him, but as he would always say “how would that look, image is everything” so he mustered up a smile and went. On the ride home Margaret began to voice how quiet and disconnected he was at dinner at that wasn’t his norm, she said “And don’t go blaming me when your fan club knows that you didn’t wanna be there because it was written  all   over   your   face” she sang like the old school radio hit…  A short pause and she gently spake “babe” with a soft tone underlined with a faint giggle. Her next motion was her head against the passenger window… As she panted and yelled in disbelief more so shocked than in pain..she heard Allens’ frustrated baritone voice, it was calm, cold and direct,…”if you ever taunt me again in your life, it will be the last day of your life…you decide”…

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