New Music | Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church Mass Choir “Oh To Be Kept”

“Oh to Be Kept”, the live CD recording presented by Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby and the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Mass Choir, was released at the 50th Anniversary Worship Celebration at Reliant Arena this past week. The recording took place in 2011 with Leon Lewis as producer and other Houston names credited to this recording are Terence Vaughn, Joey Oscar, Dave Donaldson, and Carnel Davis Jr.

The project has 11 tracks and features live strings by the Nashville String Machine. Min. Hanq Neal is the Min. of Music. The CD is available in limited release only at Chronicles Bookstore (713-579-2753). This song was directed by Pastor Cosby and arranged by Min. Neal.

Listen and let us know what you think.

[audio:|titles=Oh To Be Kept]