Gospel music attorney wins lawsuit against mega label

After eight years of litigation music industry giant Sony BMG Music Entertainment has settled a lawsuit filed by leading industry entertainment lawyer Attorney James L. Walker, Jr.

Walker alleged in his lawsuit that the music industry giant refused to allow urban artists effective legal representation.

Legendary songwriters like David Frazier and V. Michael McKay were also told not to use Walker on their mega publishing and copyright deals, according to the suit.

“We felt strongly all along this was a case we had to fight in order to protect artists and their right to choose effective legal representation and also the best manager, attorney, publicist, accountant in protecting themselves as artists,” said Kenny Walker (no relations), a spokesperson at the firm.

“The suit was not about money, it was about the rights of artists to have competent legal representation, be paid for their work, and the rights of artist representatives to work in this business without fear of intimidation and defamation.” said Walker business partner, J. Richard Byrd (@jrichardbyrd).

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