COVID-19 Relief Recording Academy® MusicCares

Recording Academy® to provide up to $1000 in COVID-19 financial relief to musicians

The Recording Academy® and MusiCares® have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help those in the music community affected by COVID-19.

Recording Academy application instructions:

Music industry professionals may apply for basic living assistance (rent or mortgage). Initial grant requests can be made up to $1000 to compensate for cancelled work that was scheduled and lost. Should we receive additional funding, we will evaluate the grant amounts available. All items below must be included in your request:

  1. A completed MusiCares application
  2. Proof of cancellations and bookings
  3. Copy of your lease agreement or mortgage statement which includes account numbers, vendor address and your name on the lease or statement

*Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed and requests will be processed in the order in which received. It could take up to two weeks to process a completed application.

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