Ajahni Perrin and Liberty Under Grace

New Music | Ajahni Perrin and Liberty Under Grace | Of Thee I Sing

Ajahni Perrin and Liberty Under Grace has a new single to encourage and worship Christ. The track features one of Houston’s recognizable voices, David Michael Wyatt. Listen and let us know what you think.

The credits are listed as follows:

Drums: Lacy Comer
Piano: Zane Gipson
Bass: Josh Dunham
Aux: Zane Gipson
Drum Program/ Loops: Zane Gipson
Acoustic Guitar: Joey Woolfalk
Other Guitars: Jonathan DuBose Jr., Joey Woolfalk
B3 Organ: Daryl “Titus” Robertson
Orchestration: Leon Lacey
BGVS: Markita Knight, David Michael Wyatt
Lead Vocalist: David Michael Wyatt
Arrangement: Ajahni Perrin, Zane Gipson
Mix: Ernie Wells, Eighth Note Productions
Mastering: Chris Gehringer, Sterling Sounds
Pre-production: Zane Gipson
Producer: Ajahni Perrin
Executive Producer: Ajahni Perrin