Baritone releases highly anticipated project, “Art Imitating Life”

Houston, Texas poet, television host and event producer, Baritone is releasing his debut project, “Art Imitating Life” on Jan. 6.  He has been on the scene since 2006 as one of Houston’s most recognized spoken word artists, performing in front of thousands every year.

This highly anticipated project features special guests: Min. Yolanda Burroughs, Soulfruit and Se7en the Poet. Critics describe “Art Imitating Life” as “Exaltations and beautiful love stories, delivered with a profound boldness that will leave you speechless.”

He is not only known for his works as a poet. He is the 2011 winner of Rejoice Television Network’s “Best of The Blessed Talent Competition,” which awarded him the opportunity to host his own show on the station. It has since been renewed for another season.

Baritone produces and hosts the television show while juggling hosting and promoting  “The Comfort Zone,” a bi-monthly event at Secret Word Cafe in Houston.

“Art Imitating Life” is available on and iTunes. It will be released on at a later date. For more information about Baritone, go to or watch him on YouTube, search “Houston’s Poet Baritone.”

Follow him on Twitter: @Baritone_