Jones Family virtual concert - Houston

Family recovers from COVID-19 after spread during virtual concert in Houston

Ernestine Ray was driving home from work on July 3 when her vision turned blurry. A few hours later, she was in a Houston hospital, where she was diagnosed with Covid-19 and failing kidneys. She started crying.

The next day, her father, Pastor Fred Jones, was struggling to breathe. He said everything he ate tasted like dry rocks. The pastor tested positive for the coronavirus, and was rushed to Houston Methodist Hospital, the same hospital as his daughter.

At around the same time, Velma Davis experienced similar symptoms, and ended up in the hospital — alongside her sister and father — with Covid-19.

Two other sisters in the Jones family also tested positive for the virus on July 5. Theresa Jones didn’t need to go to the hospital, but Sabrina Freeman woke up struggling to breathe. She was taken in an ambulance to the same hospital as her family members.

That’s how, in just one week, the coronavirus hit the Jones Family Singers, putting their musical career on pause.
The gospel group from Texas said it believes the virus spread through their family just a week before they were all diagnosed, during a virtual concert they performed in a Houston recording studio.