Jericho City 2020 Leeland

Jericho City Church moves services to 2020 Leeland

2020 Leeland Jericho City announcement

Announcement from the church.

Pastor Brian Nelson and Jericho City Church relocated to 2020 Leeland Houston, currently the home of Culture and previously 2020 Nightclub in Houston. The church was located at their Tidwell location for years, including at a COGIC state temple. They also still have a Dallas, TX location.

Jericho City 2020 Leeland

Praise and worship on launch day.

Parishioners marched into the launch service May 9 to celebrate Mother’s Day, during which Pastor Nelson gave insight about the location’s history as a movie house. One of the building’s owners, gospel singer and leader of the New Vision gospel choir Terrence Hartford, led worship at one of the most recent services. The venue will be used by the church Sunday-Wednesday, with other events still being held as scheduled Thursday-Saturday.

Brian Nelson 2020 Leeland

Pastor Nelson preaching first sermon at new location.

This is not the only Houston church expanding ministry to non-traditional locations. Lighthouse Church holds Sunday afternoon services at Grooves Lounge.

Services are streamed on Facebook and held in-person Sundays at 11am. You can also listen to Nelson’s latest single, “He’s in Control.”