New Music | J Shep & Standard “I Can Depend On You” ft/ God’s Writer and Carya Holmes

 J. Shep & Standard is a Christian group based  in Houston, TX that has recently come on the scene with their debut single, I Can Depend On You.  This track is an upbeat tune that is sure to satisfy listeners that enjoy the music of Kirk Franklin. Overall, it is a “happy” song that encourages listeners to depend on God. You won’t find any “super-spiritual” or “deep” lyrics on this song. It meets the listener where they are in their situation.
Christian rapper God’s Writer and vocalist Carya Holmes are also featured on the track. It adds to the song’s energy and climaxes it with the words “You’ve been there!”
It is sure to be a favorite for those that enjoy contemporary gospel music. You can get the single on I-Tunes or purchase on below!

Listen to it below and let us know what you think!