“Pastor Kim Burrell” opens ‘Love & Liberty Fellowship’

Kim Burrell is now Pastor Kim Burrell. Her church, Love & Liberty Fellowship opened to much fanfare on September 4th. As the parking lot overflowed with spectators and supporters, praise and worship could be heard led by Daniel Johnson of New Breed.  The event was packed with local and nationally-known Houston artists as Brian Courtney Wilson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong,  and more.

The building rang with melodic sounds all night with performances from the Walls Group, Chad Stevenson and others. The night was not finished until Pastor Burrell made her entrance and went into a praise rendition of “God Great God” which later led to a praise break. Chris Edwards, well known COGIC musician/elder, led the praise on keys.

Some of the church’s staff sold towels enscribed with the catch phrase, “Yes He Do!”  They were selling better than hot dogs at an Astros game! She acklowledged that the enscription was not a grammatical mistake but reminds her of old times when church mothers would pray and not necessarily speak proper during prayer. I’m going to get me one of those towels.

She ended the night with a song, “Have Faith in Me.”  The church is located on the north side of Houston, TX at 16730 Hedgecroft, with services held Sundays at 4pm. This should be the perfect service for those that don’t get out of bed until most church services are closed or the person that doesn’t get all they need from their earlier services.

She recently held a “shed” event at the church that introduced her to the local music community and served as a forum for other artists. It also featured a suprise visit from Whitney Houston.